Puppet theatres

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Update on the puppet theatres destined for Romania.

The first consignment is ready to go out to Romania and TNT have very kindly donated their services to deliver these theatres to the Romanian orphanages. Thank you very much TNT.
We are also very please to be able to offer some theatres to a hospice in Romania who are caring for many children with HIV and Aids who have only a few weeks to live. This is a drastic situation and All Saints School Sapcote is delighted that we are able to make these children's lives a little brighter in the short time that they have left. There are more of these hospices and orphanages throughout Romania and we would hope that we can cater for them all. We are going to try and fund another consignment to go out in December if we are able to receive more donations of £60 per theatre. This would be a great Christmas present.

We would like to thank everybody for their support and donations so far including the people involved with making the puppet theatres and also the local media for their coverage.