School Puppet Show

The use of a puppet theater in school is being used to help children develop and improve a broad range of skills including self confidence, social and organizational skills. This is an idea brought to the school by David Lloyd who has been interested in puppets for many years and has used his interest in this area to develop a useful learning aid.Children who may benefit from the idea are asked to create their own puppet show which would involve choosing a suitable theme, creating the puppets, writing the script, rehearsing and final performance in front of other classes with help being given by David or the Teacher. Many children find this a very enjoyable way of learning and is a lot more fun for everybody. The school hopes to develop this idea and provide extra puppets for the children and now has its own theater constructed by Mr. Grimwood and kindly covered by Desma who also made the curtains for the hall. If your child is involved in the puppet theater please come and see them perform, it is so rewarding for the children.
Puppet Theatres Go to Romania

The children in all Years have had great fun with our own two puppet theatres. We felt that we would like to share some of this fun with others. As a result we hope to send puppet theatre kits (consist of theatre bases, covers, curtains, and 6 puppets) to some Romanian Orphanages and Hospices for children with HIV and full blown AIDS who would find it stimulating and fun in the last few days of their life. Desma Howarth has kindly agreed to make the covers. The cost to make each kit is £60.00.

Do you know any Charities who might support us ?

We hope to send twelve kits in July and with your help and support we would love to make it to twenty kits over the next few months.

Please help if you can this small jesture would mean the world to these children


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