Posted by Dave

Music Group

All Saints Church has an active music group.

The group mainly plays for the weekly Sunday 11:00 family services, but also plays for special events. The group has recently very successfully turned its hand to playing swing and popular music at events such as the church BBQ.

How we work:

All players are regular members of the church congregation. We believe it is important that church musicians consider themselves to be, first and foremost, members of the church, and then members of the music group. When we play, we all feel that we are praising God with our music and also supporting and encouraging the congregation in their praise and worship.

Typically we meet at 10:00 on a Sunday morning to run through songs for the service. The practice always starts with prayer, then we run through the play-list for the service. Players are expected to be able (more-or-less) to sight read the music – even if transposing – which gives the music group flexibility to handle inevitable last minute changes (the expected song list is published in advance). Typically the group will also play two or three items/songs before and after the service.

Instruments: We have an eclectic group of players. Instruments include: Electric Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cornet, Euphonium, Recorder, Percussion, with occasional Alto Sax, Flute, Harp and Bassoon. Even a Ukulele at the recent Christmas Singalong! The church organ is used occasionally (e.g. at the carol service) but unfortunately we can’t use this with other instruments as it is approximately a quarter of a tone sharp.

Contact: If you would like to contact the music group for any reason,

please Email: Ralph Chamberlain at