30 Mar 2013

Easter Crafts & “Chreasure Hunt” (Christian Treasure Hunt)

Posted by TDM


In the church hall…

Many tables of crafts, for all ages (young and those ‘young at heart’) were filled with people:

- Making Easter Cards

- Moulding Clay

- Decorating Eggs

- And the messy favourite, making Easter Gardens

Meanwhile, in the church…

Teams hunted high and low for the craftily hidden clues that would earn the explorers a prize. The last twist in this tale, is that once the clues were solved, participants had to draw ‘lots’ to see what size of prize they won. (echoing what happened to Jesus’s clothes - think this says too much about Jim’s sense of humour…)

The event took place on Easter Saturday (30th March) between one and five in the afternoon. A fun and active time was had by all, with the cogs of productivity being well oiled by coffee and cakes!

Well organised Jim & Jill and a BIG thanks to all who attended for your support!

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